Strength and Conditioning – Sports Physiotherapy

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Have you wanted to get back to the exercise or sports that you so loved but were afraid to because your knee or back hurts after each game? Or are you refraining from doing exercises because you are not sure how to start and whether the exercises will make your shoulder or knee pain worse? Have you wondered where to seek holistic professional help to treat the source of your pain and bring you to the fitness level of your desire?

What is the difference between a sports physiotherapist and personal trainer?

We are your personal physiotherapist and trainer rolled into one. It is very crucial that your injuries and pain are treated appropriately and the exercises prescribed correctly, tailored to your particluar conditions and needs. Each session will include treatment followed by one to one supervised therapeutic exercises customised for you by our sports physiotherapists. Our sports physiotherapists at Core Concepts combine the best practices in physiotherapy treatment to resolve the root of your pain and problem, and take you through systematic strength and conditioning exercises tailored to your condition.
Our goal is to bring you back from the state of debilitating pain and poor fitness level to the level where you can engage in the activities or sports that you so loved.

Who is suitable to engage a sports physiotherapist?

  • If you want to improve your fitness but unsure of how to go about doing it.
  • If you have injury to your knee, shoulder or ankle and wants to get back to playing at your sports or activities at the same or even higher level safely and without pain.
  • Knee pain or instability from ligament, meniscus or cartliage injury.
  • Shoulder pain or instability from shoulder strain, dislocation
  • Ankle pain or instability from ankle sprains, achilles pain
  • Pre and post surgery such as reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament, meniscal repairs of the knee and shoulder surgery

Take action now! It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or elite athlete, let us help you start exercising without fear of injury and bring you back to enjoy the sports and activities that you love.