Having Elbow or Wrist Pain? A Guide to Physiotherapy Treatment for Relief

Strained or Inflamed Causes, Symptoms and Relief Treatment

Experiencing Elbow or Wrist pain?

If you engage in sports, hobbies or have jobs that require repetitive arm movements, there is an increased chance that you will experience elbow and wrist pain.

This is usually due to overuse issues or strains in the joint or muscle. Physiotherapy treatment can provide elbow and wrist pain relief.

The elbow is a sturdier joint that is less prone to degenerative conditions like arthritis and elbow pain most commonly arises from injuries or overuse.

The wrist is made up of several small joints, bones, muscles and ligaments which are connected to your fingers and forearm. Similarly, wrist pain tends to occur due to overuse, injuries or strain.

What is Physiotherapy for Elbow and Wrist Pain?

Physiotherapists are experts in human anatomy and are experts in matters relating to muscles, bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments.

Elbow-and-Wrist Pain physiotherapy aims to relieve pain and treat the condition through methods such as manual therapy, manipulation, and exercises. Physiotherapy does not involve any medication or surgery but our physiotherapists can refer you to a specialist and work closely with them if necessary.

If you experience shoulder pain, it is important to seek treatment or further advice from a certified doctor or physiotherapist before the issue deteriorates. Contact us or click on the WhatsApp button to speak with us.

Common Elbow and Wrist Conditions we treat

Here are some common conditions causing elbow and wrist pains are tendonitis, wrist injury, gout, arthritis, ligament strains or sprains and other problems. Uncertain of your condition? Visit us for an assessment and we will help you figure it out. 

It is important to seek medical advice from a physiotherapist to get an accurate diagnosis of your elbow or wrist pain. Only after getting an accurate diagnosis, then will you be able to apply the appropriate treatment methods to resolve the pain. Instead of self-diagnosing and risking the chance of an inaccurate diagnosis, it would be better to consult with our physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy Provides More than Just Immediate Elbow or Wrist Pain Relief

During your first session, the physiotherapist will run a thorough assessment to accurately determine the cause of your pain. Core Concepts physiotherapists will help provide immediate pain relief through manual therapy by releasing tight knots or reducing the compression in your elbow or wrist. This will ensure that you walk with significantly less pain than when you first came to us.


Here at Core Concepts Singapore, we practice a value-based healthcare system – where we aim to maximize your rehabilitation potential. Our goal is to get you feeling better at the soonest with as few sessions as possible. During your first session, your physiotherapist will also find out more about your treatment goals and develop a treatment plan that is suited to your needs.

Instead of only fixing the obvious symptoms, we dive deeper to find out the root cause of your pain. We work on resolving that as well to ensure that the pain does not return. Your treatment plan will also include fixing the root cause of your elbow or wrist pain to ensure that it does not trigger again.

Apart from simply providing pain relief, for some cases, we can maximise your rehab potential. Going beyond what you were capable of doing before the incident. You may have had a certain range of motion before injuring your elbow or wrist. Through rehabilitation, we can help you to do better than simply going back to your previous range of motion. It is possible for your range of motion to increase and improve after physiotherapy.


“This is hands-down one of the best physiotherapy place in Singapore. Natalie at the front desk has super human efficiencey at working with your schedules and communication. i can’t recommend them enough”

Shayne Mathews

Core ConceptsExcellentCore Concepts4.9 Based on 2341 reviews fromSee all reviewsKaleb LohKaleb Loh ★★★★★ Chye Tuan was great. Fixed my tennis elbow and sprained back in a couple of months. The team here was very professional. Each visit was paired with some sort of deep release massage that relieved a lot of pain.Desmond WooDesmond Woo ★★★★★ Did a couple of physiotherapy massage sessions with Natasha and it has helped me immensely. As someone who is plays tennis alot, having a tight shoulder was always a problem. Natasha knows exactly which muscles to target to get to the root of the issue, and each time after the sessions I feel so much better. She also suggests ways for you to target and release those muscle groups yourself at home, so you are able to progress in your recovery outside of these sessions. To top it off she is one of the friendliest physiotherapists I’ve met too! Highly recommended for anyone looking for a physio.Jeremy OngJeremy Ong ★★★★★ Was suffering from golfers elbow for about 6 months and went to seek physio treatment from Ken at Core Concepts Harbourfront. I am extremely pleased with the treatment provided and has recovered tremendously from the ongoing physio treatments with KenResponse from the ownerThank you for choosing us to take care of your golfer's elbow! Great to hear about your tremendous progress after your sessions with us and we are so happy that you had an awesome experience with our team! Thanks Jeremy! Tan CollinTan Collin ★★★★★ It has been such a pleasure to have Grace Dimmick journey with me through the rehab/recovery of the torn ligament in my elbow. There are so many good things to write about my experience. Grace was really professional and I knew I was in safe hands. She is also understanding and empathetic knowing how much of a sports enthusiast I am. All in all, I am very happy with my recovery and am very happy I got a chance to work with Grace! I recommend 10/10!!!Dave PhuaDave Phua ★★★★★ I am deeply impressed with Senior Physiotherapist Mr Chng Chye Tuan’s professionalism and genuine concern for his customers.Chye Tuan’s depth of knowledge and his ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner is truly amazing . He listened attentively to assess my condition and tailored the sessions accordingly to my specific needs which made me feel confident that I am in good hands.Thanks to Chye Tuan’s exceptional care, I made significant progress in my recovery and regained strength and mobility within a few months.I would like to congratulate Core Concepts for having Chye Tuan in your team and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of physiotherapy.js_loader

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Elbow or Wrist

For desk-bound workers, wrist pain can be avoided by simply adopting better workspace ergonomics. Ensure that your chair and table are at an appropriate height and your elbow is at a 90-degree angle when you are using your mouse or keyboard. This ensures that your wrist is at a neutral posture, avoiding flexion and ulnar deviation. An occasional wrist stretch during the day would help release pressure and improve circulation between the muscles and tendons.

Preventing common overuse injuries that cause elbow pain can be as simple as the following. If you play sports or have hobbies that require you to use your elbow often, make sure that you stretch.

Ensuring that you stretch before and after can be helpful in preventing pain or potential injuries. Strengthening surrounding muscle groups such as your forearm, biceps and triceps can help to prevent pain as well.

Strengthening these muscle groups help to take the load off your elbow joint during strenuous movements, preventing pain and injuries.

Seeking a professional physiotherapist as early as possible would allow an efficient recovery period. However, you should seek a physiotherapist immediately if you have been experiencing pain that is severe and limiting your movement or pain is mechanical – pain getting worse by making a particular movement or doing certain activities. At Core Concepts, we are dedicated to addressing your issues and getting you back to full activity.

Some of the Elbow and Wrist Pain treatments methods that we employ are manual therapy and strengthening exercises. Your treatment plan will be determined by your therapist after assessing your condition. For more severe cases, surgery may be required. We are able to refer you to a specialist after assessing your condition if necessary.