Orthotic Fitting for Foot and Other Aches and Pains

Do you experience foot problems such as aches and pain? This could be due to poor foot postures such as flat feet or high arches. This could result in poor walking biomechanics and pain in other areas of your body as well such as backaches. An orthotic fitting session could be just what you need. Depending on the type of condition, custom made orthotics fitted into your footwear can make daily walking a much more pleasant experience.

Orthopedic insoles

We have teamed up with podiatrists based in Australia to provide our clients with a wider range of services and treatment options to effectively resolve foot problems.

What does the Orthotic Fitting service entail?

Orthotic Fitting Consultation

Our physiotherapists will find out more details about your condition and conduct assessments and physical tests in order to come up with a diagnosis regarding the cause of your pain.


From there, our therapists will come up with a treatment plan and advice you on whether orthotics would be a suitable solution. If so, a 3D measurement of your foot will be taken and you will be advised on a suitable type of orthotic fitting (material, length etc). This information will be passed on to our podiatrist partners in Australia and your custom insoles will take 2 weeks to be lovingly made and shipped to our clinics.

After which, our therapist will help you with the wearing of the insole and make sure that everything is in order. A follow-up session to check on your progress may be required as well.

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