Our Approach to Treating Back Pains

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Back Pain is a very common condition, almost everyone has had an episode of back pain within the back 6-months. Even though it is common, it is a very complex condition with many different types of back pain, with just as many or even more different causes. Conditions can vary from slipped disc or herniated disc, spinal spondylosis, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, spondylisthesis or a simple muscle strain. Simply identifying the condition is a very small step in the right direction. The next much important step is finding out what causing the condition in the first place. While some back pain causes are common, not everyone is ever exactly the same. Sometimes these small differences can a huge difference in how we treat back pain.

Clinical Reasoning to Find the Root Cause of Back Pain

Core Concepts’ ability to treat patients better, faster is first and foremost dependent on our ability for effective differential diagnosis. Differential diagnosis is the systematic method healthcare used to identify the disease causing a patient’s symptoms. In other words, part of diagnosis is attempting to narrow down the list of possible diagnoses until one emerges as the best. The term differential evolves from the word differences. The concept of differential diagnosis involves observing and discovering signs and symptoms, then progressively considering the most likely illnesses, then continuously narrowing down the possible diagnoses, eliminating one after another, until one is left with only one specific diagnosis for the patient’s signs and symptoms.

Differential Diagnosis is the process whereby a given condition or circumstance, called the presenting problem or chief complaint, is examined in terms of underlying causal factors and concurrent phenomena as discerned by appropriate disciplinary perspectives and according to several theoretical paradigms or frames of reference, and compared to known categories of pathology or exceptionality.

One-on-One approach to Treating Back Pain

Once the condition and cause of the problem to your back pain have been identified, our physiotherapist will work out a treatment plan with you.

Some of the treatments available include

  • Joint Mobilisation/Manipulation
  • Core  Strengthening Exercises
  • Postural Correction and Advice
  • Mckenzie Therapy
  • Traction
  • TENS
  • IFS
  • Ultrasound
  • Myofascial Release

At Core Concepts, each patient has their own unique appointments slot for the treatment. We do not “over-book” patients at any time slots. This means that each time is treated in an un-hurried manner during their appointed times and is attended by a single attending physiotherapist. During that appointment time, the patient is not left un-attended at a machine while the physiotherapist attends to another patient.