Formthotics Foot Orthotics for Foot Pain

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About 3 out of 4 people will suffer foot pain at some time in their lives. Problems with your feet, as well as sore legs and knees and even back pain, are often caused by your leg alignment and the way you run, walk and stand. Foot Orthotics is a medical solution to correct and support the foot’s biomechanical weaknesses.

What is Formthotics?

Formothotics are customised orthotics aimed at improving support at the foot and correcting alignment in lower limbs. A lack of support at the foot can lead to pain in the arch of the foot, especially with repetitive weight bearing activities such as walking and running. In addition, improper alignment in the lower limbs due to poor foot positioning can also cause compressive stresses into the ankle, knee, and hip, causing pain in these areas.

Who needs it?

  • Those who experience pain in the arch of the foot, usually after long periods of standing/walking;
  • Those who experience pain in the knees, especially when running
  • Those with lower limb misalignment such as bunion formation
  • Those with instability or discomfort in the ankles
  • Active individuals with overuse injuries such as runners or those who play high impact sports
  • Flat footed/high arch

Common foot and leg problems treated include heel pain, shin splints, knee pain and Achilles Tendon Injuries.

Why do you need it?

Formthotics can help to prevent worsening of existing foot symptoms or future development of lower limb pain and overuse injuries.

How does it help?

  • For people with flat feet: Formthotics helps to provide additional support for the arch, stabilizes the foot and distribute pressure evenly to relieve pain in the foot.
  • For people with high arch: Formthotics helps to absorb shock, provide further cushioning to the foot and hence offloading any excessive pressure or stress.

When combined with a tailored exercise programme, Formthotics assists to correct musculoskeletal misalignment. It corrects the way ground reaction force travels up from the foot, ankle, knee and hip, reducing compressive loading in these joints. This prevents further development of foot deformities (ie. bunion) or overuse injuries in the lower extremities. This will in turn assist better sports performance.

What is the treatment process like?

An assessment will be carried out by our therapists to determine if the positioning and lack of support in the foot is a contributing factor to your pain. After which, the therapist will prescribe and set a suitable customised orthotics to replace your current insoles, thus increasing the support in your foot and improving the alignment in your lower limbs.

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