Core Stability Exercises

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One of Core Concepts key focuses is on rehabilitative core stability training. Rehabilitative because we work with clients who have weak core muscles or those who are unable to elicit a contraction, as typically is the case for persons with chronic and recurring pain.

To understand the difference between regular and rehabilitative core stability exercises, read “Confused over core” also rehabilitative core stability is not the same as doing pilates.

A lot of our problems such as bad posture are the result of bad habits. On the flip-side, good posture is also about habit, a good habit. This is why Core Concepts firmly believes in a structured approach to core stability.

A habit is formed when an action is repeated frequently. It is therefore imperative for you to do the exercises correctly each time. Core Concepts core stability class sessions are small, with no more than 6 participants, ensuring that our instructors are able to closely monitor everyone.

The programme aims to help you improve in 3 areas:

  • core strength
  • joint mobility
  • the flexibility of your spinal structures

For the core strength area, there are further 3 sub-areas of focus:

  • endurance (ultimately, in the end, your core muscles must provide you with the necessary support throughout the whole day)
  • strength (to provide your spinal column, shoulder blades and neck structure with sufficient support)
  • control (studies have shown that in some cases of low back pain sufferers, contraction of the core muscles occurs with a short delay in milliseconds after)

As the core muscles are deep and not overt when activated, our initial assessment will involve the use of a real-time ultrasound imaging to determine the accuracy and the level of contraction. This will be followed by either 1 or 2 sessions of private lessons depending on the client’s progress, before joining a core stability class. This is to ensure that the client will be able to follow once he/ she commences the classes. Private lessons are also available on request.

The experience of our physiotherapists and their in-depth knowledge of anatomy, pathology and physiology allow them to quickly spot problems and recommend corrective actions.

Core Concepts’ structured approach includes assessments and reviews to ensure that you are on the right path of forming good healthy habits.

As classes are deliberately kept small, it is advisable to call our clinic at 6226 3632 to confirm your attendance.