Being Constant Against Chronic Illnesses – Physiotherapy Singapore

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma and high cholesterol are long-term medical conditions that are progressive in nature. According to a study in 2016, one in four Singaporeans aged above 65 years old had developed a chronic disease in the past year.

Acknowledging the severity of chronic diseases in Singapore and how they can make a significant impact on the quality of life for many Singaporeans, Core Concepts was invited to take part in an event hosted at Nanyang Community Centre by the Nanyang CC Youth Committee to address awareness levels on physical activity and chronic diseases. The activity was aimed at highlighting the importance of staying active in the long run so as to prevent and manage chronic diseases. 

Titled, Stay Active to Prevent Chronic Illnesses, the afternoon event on 5th August started off with a talk on the importance of staying active against chronic illnesses. The talk was led by our Senior Principal Physiotherapist, Chng Chye Tuan, who has a decade of experience in the industry.

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Following the talk, attendees were given the opportunity to clarify their doubts and gain more knowledge through an interactive Q&A session. The session successfully addressed the doubts of many attendees who posed questions about the right kind of exercise to adopt, in consideration of their unique pain points. This Q&A session also helped attendees get a clearer idea of how general physiotherapy can help them manage pain.

To end off the event with a bang, fitness training service provider, RetroFIT led a fun-filled Zumba class. The goal of which was to get residents to recognise that exercise can be simple and fun.

Overall the event saw 40 participants, many of whom had expressed that the session was informative and helped in getting them to realise how regular exercise is vital. 

Chng Chye Tuan, Senior Principal Physiotherapist at Core Concepts Group said, “On a daily basis, we come across many clients who suffer from chronic diseases or are on the brink of developing chronic diseases. These clients are more often than not, physically inactive and have a poor quality of life due to the pains they have to endure every day. This led us to organise today’s event, which we hope would convey the message that exercise cannot be left out of the equation of wellness.”