When to Worry About seeking Back Pain Treatment and When Not To

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Nearly 80% of our local population has experienced back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain is most commonly experienced in the lower part of the back. Sometimes, the pain can manifest and travel up to the neck, causing additional discomfort. So when should one seek back pain treatment from a medical expert?

Factors that contribute to the need for Back Pain treatment

There are several risk factors where one might experience severe pain that requires back pain treatment. However, back pain is prevalent that it might occur even if you do not have any risk factor.

Occupational hazard may pose a risk to back pain or injury for any job that requires repetitive bending and lifting. Jobs that require prolonged standing or sitting in a chair which does not support the back well can also put the individual at higher risk. Aging is also another risk factor as wear and tear on the spine may occur over time, which leads to neck and back pain. Staying in poor posture for a prolonged period of time could also eventually contribute to the need for back pain treatment over time. Examples include driving hunched over the steering wheel and slouching over a computer keyboard.

Back Pain – Red Flags

“Red flags” are warning signs that you should be watching out for the most regarding your back pain. Look out for the following signs that suggest your back pain requires treatment and isn’t just the typical annoyance that will go away in a few weeks:

  • Sudden weakness experienced in the leg or foot
  • Constant pain that doesn’t go away even when you’re just resting or lying down, and disrupts your sleep regularly. It could also be pain that’s only gotten worse from when it first presented
  • Numbness in the legs or around the pelvic area
  • Sudden onset of bladder or bowel problems
  • Pain that worsens when partaking in physical activity
  • Pain in the spine area, right around your ribs

Additionally, if you have suffered from any kind of physical trauma or cancer previously, you might want to seek back pain treatment. The same goes if you’ve been feeling unwell, or if you recently took steroid tablets, or have taken them before.

Back Pain differs from person to person and case to case. Consider visiting a private physiotherapy Singapore clinic to consult with a physician and check on your condition. It would be beneficial to receive the professional advice of a physiotherapist and be guided on the appropriate back pain treatment methods to help improve your pain.

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