What To Do In Case of a Sports Injury

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When you sustain a sports injury, it can lead to a host of pain around the body such as neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain, which will affect your performance and daily life. If you aren’t sure whether your injuries are acute and can be managed at home for a few days or if you need to visit a physioclinic in Singapore, we listed down a few tips below to help you treat and prevent your sports injury from getting worse:

1. Rest

Begin your recovery by getting rest and reducing your daily physical activity. Give your injuries two to three days to rest, and monitor the situation if it gets worse within those two days. If your injury seems to improve, you can try to ease your way back into your normal routine.

2. Apply Ice and Heat

Heat or ice can be helpful, but heating should be done after the first 48 hours of injury as it could encourage bleeding. Ice should help greatly in muscle tears, ligament sprains, or bruising to alleviate swelling and pain. Afterwards, you can then apply heat packs to help increase the blood flow and speed up healing once you’re done cooling the affected area down. Heat can also help relax your muscles and minimize the pain.

3. Go to a Physiotherapist

It is best to seek for physical therapy in Singapore within a few days of sustaining your injury as it can help to relieve your pain quicker and speed up your healing process. Your physiotherapist can introduce joint mobility techniques, massages, and prescribed exercises to tackle your injured region. You can be advised on improving your performance when you return to your sports activity again, and correct any biomechanical faults that may predispose you to injury.

Is It Okay To Do Nothing?

Studies have shown that untreated injuries take longer to heal, and may even leave lingering pain well after the injury has healed. Not only that, but untreated injuries have a higher chance of reoccurring and may also leave you with various problems, like stiff joints and muscle weakness. Sometimes, when the pain lasts for months and is left untreated, treating the problem becomes a lot harder and may be complicated.

The sooner you get treatment like, such as physiotherapy for shoulder pain in Singapore, the better. Treatment also depends on factors such as the severity of the sports injury and which part of your body is affected. When you go for a physiotherapy in Singapore for your sports injury, the physiotherapist can provide recommendations for treatments like occupational therapy and discuss exercises that are safe to perform despite your injury. This enables you to have better chance of quick recovery, as well as prevent the injury from reoccurring and other potential problems in the long run. With regular follow-up visits, you can feel more confident to make a gradual return to sports and other activities.