Are You Not Ready For A Marathon? The Top 10 Signs To Look Out For

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Here’s how you know you are not ready for a marathon:

  1. You are panting after crossing the overhead bridge.
  2. You pray for a thunderstorm before your training/race.
  3. Even your wife thinks you are slacking around the house and not out there training enough for your marathon
  4. You think completing the marathon with 10 hours of walking is just fine.
  5. Every time you see a green man flashing at a traffic light, you would wait for the next green light.
  6. You have been carbo loading, since last month
  7. Your last race chip is still attached to your shoes.
  8. Your fastest and hardest run is the one you were chasing after the bus.
  9. You are wondering why can’t you even run 2.4km?
  10. You forgot when the race date is!

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