The Ten Most Common Mistakes Made By Triathletes

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Wayne Goldsmith got it down nicely in this article. With triathlons becoming an increasingly popular sport in Singapore and around the region, we at Back2Sports are also seeing a corresponding rise in injuries with triathletes and biathletes. Wayne has some good advice for us.

  1. Increasing training volume too quickly. When many triathletes take up the sport, early improvements in performance come from improvements in aerobic fitness associated with increased physical activity.
  2. Ignoring stretching and injury prevention.
  3. Relying on technology instead of technique and skills.
  4. Spending too much time on your strongest leg instead of working on your weakest.
  5. Avoiding speed work.
  6. Using training hard as an excuse to eat and drink whatever you like.
  7. Not taking time to rest and recover.
  8. Training at too high an intensity.
  9. Not planning an integrated, balanced training program.
  10. Copying the “secrets” of champions.

For the full article, read “The Ten Most Common Mistakes Made By Triathletes” -vk