Shoulder Impingement Exercises Part 2-2: External Rotation in 90° Abduction

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2-2. External Rotation in 90° Abduction (Presented by Chng Chye Tuan, Senior Physiotherapist)

The next exercise is called an external rotation in a 90°-90° angle with external rotation (in short: External Rotation in 90° Abduction). You are going to go through this movement of your shoulder in a 90° angle here and an elbow of 90° as well. So with this external rotation action, you will be training more of your supraspinatus muscles. This is an important muscle in your rotator cuff and it helps to stabilize your shoulder joint.

External Rotation in 90° Abduction

So for this exercise, you will be standing in a split stance position, with your legs comfortably apart. Have your band in a mid-height cable. You are going to start off with your fist down in this angle here and you are going to pull the band backwards this way, going through a 90° angle. At all times, you are trying to stabilize your shoulder joint by pulling it backwards and downwards.

This is called an Eternal Rotation in a 90° angle in abduction and flexion of the elbow with external rotation.

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