Ulnar Nerve Compression – Last And Ring Finger Numbness In Cyclists

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Does your last finger and exactly half of your ring finger feel numb or experience a tingling sensation? If yes, there is a good chance that you have Ulnar Nerve Compression which can occur amongst cyclists.

Ulnar Nerve Compression

The two main reasons for this compression:

  1. Too much pressure over a prolonged period on the “knife” edge of your palm
  2. Holding your wrist in a “cocked” position for prolonged periods of time

What you can do for Ulnar Nerve Compression:

  1. Wear padded gloves
  2. Pad your handlebars
  3. Frequently change hand positions and avoid prolonged gripping. (If you are using the old-style downtube shifters, you can alternate hands when changing gears.)

If the numbness or tingling sensation does not disappear when these changes, drop by to our physiotherapist. The nerve compression may be of a more complicated structural form higher up along your forearm.