Physiotherapy for Knee Pain Problems

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Let’s face it – The occurrence of knee pain problems tends to increase with age due to various factors such as the wear and tear of your knee cartilage or injuries that you may have sustained. Living with chronic knee pain can not only prevent you from carrying out your daily routine, but it can also take a toll on your mental health and overall quality of life.

Knee pain is a common symptom attributing to causes such as soft tissue injuries, bone conditions and biomechanical dysfunction. Some common conditions causing knee pain include Muscle Strains, Osteoarthritis and Patellofemoral syndrome.

Many mistake knee pain problems as part and parcel of growing older and choose to live with the pain instead of seeking treatment. The good news is that knee pain can be treated by Physiotherapists and there is no need for you to be living in constant pain. If you are currently experiencing knee pain, do read on to find out how Physiotherapists can resolve your knee pain.

How can Physiotherapists Resolve Knee Pain?

With the help of physiotherapists, your knee pain can be resolved – allowing you to carry out day-to-day activities without pain. During the initial assessment, our physiotherapist will ask you questions about your knee pain to obtain a better understanding of your condition. Subsequently, the physiotherapist will conduct a physical examination to determine the cause of your pain.

Afterwhich, a knee pain treatment plan involving strengthening exercises or manual therapy will be discussed with you based on your condition.

If your physiotherapist feels that medical intervention is necessary based on their expert opinion, they can also refer you to a doctor for medications, injections or surgeries such as knee replacements.

Making a trip to any one of Singapore’s private physiotherapy clinics can help you develop a better understanding as to the cause of your knee pain as well the actions you can take to resolve it. Once the physiotherapist has diagnosed your problem, a proper plan will be laid out to tackle it. Through a combination of manual treatment techniques, therapeutic exercises and patient education, the physiotherapist will work with you towards rehabilitating your knee to function optimally.