The Ultimate Guide to Cycling in Singapore

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Are you a amateur cyclist looking to take the next step in the world of competitive cycling in Singapore? Diving into the world of competitive cycling can be a big jump for those who have only been cycling casually. Also, if you are an avid cyclist who has recently relocated to Singapore – we’ve got you covered.

This guide aims to cover everything a new cyclist needs to know about cycling in Singapore. From purchasing your biking gear to keeping you up to date on cycling rules in Singapore.

Cycling Gear in Singapore

In order to get started on your cycling journey – it is essential to get proper equipment and sporting gear that best suits your needs. The gear you’d need include: a bike, shoes, sports wear and a fitness tracker if preferred. Depending on your goals and budget – we’ve listed down a few recommended options in the cycling community.

On a budget looking for a entry level bike (below $500)

If you have a preferred brand or model in mind but do not wish to fork out the full price for it, you could try checking out preloved (or secondhand) bikes on platforms such as Carousell. Apart from being able to snag a great deal, you may also end up befriending a new cycling buddy!

Not interested in a used bike? Try shops like Aleoca Bikes, Rodalink or Decathalon instead! For a more indepth review of these shops, check out this guide to 7 Best Bicycle Shops in Singapore under $500

An experienced biker looking to invest in something to take you to the next level

In order to achieve your dream of qualifying for championships and races – one would think that investing in a good bike would be essential. As we look towards elite cyclists with countless victories and awards under their belt – one thing is for certain. They do not skimp on their gear. If you are looking to invest in something better, bike brands such as Giant Bikes and Canyon Bikes are popular among serious cyclists in Singapore. Canyon Bikes can be ordered online and delivered to Singapore, alternatively you can head to the test centre right here in Singapore to get a feel of the bikes before committing to one. Giant Bikes are available at local reseller Tay Cycle, with various locations available islandwide.

Apparel for Cycling in Singapore

As most rides last for hours – it is important to invest in quality sportswear catered to cycling performance. This ensures that you can perform optimally and in comfort throughout the ride. Multi label stores like Velo Velo house plenty of sporting gear specially designed for cyclists in mind. The Cyclist Mess provides customisable jerseys as well at an affordable price to ensure that you can stay comfortable and look modern without breaking the bank.

Routes for Cycling in Singapore

For those who do not prefer to cycle on the road – here are a few popular cycling routes categorised by regions in Singapore.


Chestnut Nature Park – Notably known as Singapore’s largest nature park, Chestnut Nature Park is located at Bukit Panjang. One of it’s key features is it’s separate hiking and biking trail, making it easier for cyclist such as yourself to avoid colliding with runners.


Coney Island – With a 2.4km trail surrounded by luscious greenery, you will momentarily forget that you are in Singapore. Coney Island is well loved by cyclists for it’s scenic views and wildlife.


Kranji Road Trail – As you cycle your way through the 20km trail starting at Kranji Mrt Station, you will be brought back to the past where Singapore was just a farming village. Passing by landmarks such as farms like Bollywood Veggies and War Monuments.

Central & East

Eastern Coastal Loop – Spanning over 8.3km, this route will bring you all over Singapore’s landmarks. Starting from Tanjong Rhu Promenade, the route covers Marina Barrage, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Flyer and the newly built Sports Hub.

Guidelines for Cycling in Singapore

Singapore is known to be a law abiding country and it’s the same for cycling in Singapore. Here are some pointers and laws that you should know about in order to prevent cycling mishaps or getting fined. Here is a guide compiled by the Land Transport Authority with regards to cycling safely in Singapore.

Safety Guidelines for Cycling in Singapore

  • Ensure that your clothes are bright and visible in the dark
  • Wear a helmet at all times
  • Make sure your front and rear light are working at all times

Bike Security

  • Keep your bike locked when unattended
  • Register for a Bicycle Security Number which includes a serial number that can help the police identify your ownership of the bike in the event that it is stolen

Cycling on roads in Singapore

  • Always keep to the left side of the road
  • Use hand signals to alert drivers of your intentions

Groups and Forums for Cycling in Singapore

Being able to train with a group of more experienced cyclists would definitely benefit your progress as an amateur cyclist. Thus many cyclists find themselves joining cycling groups – whether to train together or to get performance tips, cycling is mostly a group activity. Thus it seems natural to want to find your herd to train with. We’ve found several cycling groups and forums where you can meet likeminded people who enjoy cycling as well. Forums such as ToGoParts encourage interaction between cyclists to share training tips and advice. Several individual cycling groups also recruit for members on the forum here. Some other groups are more established and may require a membership fee – you can view a list of such clubs here.

Improving Cycling Performance

Are you looking to hit a certain timing in order to qualify for a race? Or simply looking to keep up with your pack? Here are some tips to improve cycling performance – as shared by experienced cyclists:

  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Resistance/Weight Training
  • Active Recovery Activities
  • Sports Massage for Recovery

It can be frustrating to hit a training plateau or not be able to keep up with your peers. Read the full article on improving cycling performance in a short period of time here.

Avoiding Cycling Injuries

Getting injured can take a huge toll on your training progress and very often, it is hard to pick up right where you left off. As much as focusing on performance is important – cycling recovery strategies are equally as important to prevent injuries. Like a race car, it can only perform well if it is properly maintained and serviced regularly. Here are some recovery tips to ensure your body is maintained in tip-top condition.

  • Eating right
  • Sports Massage
  • Sleeping sufficiently
  • Hydration
  • Proper biking posture

Managing Cycling Injuries

Unfortunately, cycling injuries are common due to the intensity of the sport as well as the prolonged duration that your body has to stay in a fixed position. Here are some common cycling injuries as seen in Singapore as well as ways to identify and treat them.

In this following article, we dive deeper into the above injuries and explore quick fixes for these injuries.

Experiencing cycling related pain? Find out more about physiotherapy and how our physiotherapist at Core Concepts Singapore can help resolve your pain.

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