Avoid doing these 3 Things if You Have Back Pain

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We’ve covered the 3 things you should do at home if you are experiencing back pain and unable to get to a doctor or physiotherapist in time. However, there are certain day-to-day things you could be doing that are actually making your back pain worse. In this article, we cover the 3 things you should avoid doing if you have back pain.

Avoid Worsening Your Back Pain


1. Avoid Stop Lying or Sitting Down Too Much

For those experiencing back pain, the default reaction might be to lie down on the bed to rest and avoid making the back pain worse. However, lying or sitting down and not moving can actually cause back pain to worsen. Being stationary can cause your muscles to tighten up even more, causing more compression in the spine. When you are lying down, you are putting more pressure on your spine – especially so if your bed is soft and does not provide much support for your back.

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2. Avoid certain exercises & stretches

Certain exercises and stretches can further compress your spine and cause the back muscles to tighten up – resulting in worse back pain. Avoid exercises and stretches that cause you to arch your back such as bridges and cobra stretches.

In order to relieve back pain, your goal is to stretch out your spine instead so that the muscles can loosen up. Try gentle stretches such as simply folding your body slightly forward while sitting down with your arms on your knees.

3. Avoid carrying heavy items

Carrying heavy load can put more pressure on the spine, causing further compression of the spine and the muscles in your spine to tense up even more. If you have to transport heavy items such as going grocery shopping – try using trolleys to bring your groceries back home instead.

If you are experiencing back pain, it is advised to seek medical help sooner rather than later to prevent the pain for getting worse. As every condition differs from each individual, it is best to get your condition assessed by a physiotherapist to pinpoint the exact root cause of the back pain. Feel free to contact us to make an appointment with our physiotherapists. If you enjoyed this article, like us on Facebook and Instagram or subscribe to our Youtube channel for latest updates!